Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you clean without soap?

A: Probably better as there is no soap to rinse out! Snow washing powder uses the alkalinity of the ingredients to break down the fatty acids and natural essential oils to emulsify them while Naturally Clean liquids use industrial strength vinegar to neutralise bacteria and natural essential oils to emulsify body oils.

Q: Is Naturally Clean suitable for front loaders?

A: Yes, absolutely! Naturally Clean is excellent in front loaders and for any low-sud application as it is soap free and won't sud!

Q: What about allergies?

A: Many allergy, eczema, and psoriasis sufferers owe their condition to either certain foods or chemical deposits in their clothes or home. Changing to natural cleaning products is an essential process and it will take up to 6 months to wash all the toxic chemical deposits from your clothes, home and washing machine. I have a lot of customers, many with kids with extreme allergies, who only use Naturally Clean.

Q: What ingredients are used in Naturally Clean?

A: Naturally Clean is made from all natural ingredients comprising vinegar, bi-carb, salts, citrus, lemon juice, zeolite, vegetable oil derivative and other essential oils. Most ingredients are of food grade quality and edible. Naturally Clean contains absolutely no phosphates, ammonia, caustic soda, alcohols, SLS or other toxins. Naturally Claen is certified by CCF as not tested on animals and is vegan suitable. Naturally Clean is also palm oil free.

Q: Will Naturally Clean remove stains and grease?

A: For bad stains, fats, oil and grease, put some Naturally Clean laundry liquid on the stain, cover with Snow washing powder, add more laundry liquid on the stain, watch it fizz which lifts most stains and wash as normal. For worst case oily stains use Earth Surface cleaner, which is higher in essential oils, instead of laundry liquid and use hot water.

Q: Is Naturally Clean suitable for hand washings?

A: Wash your clothes in a bucket of water and hang out without rinsing since there is no soap to wash out! Naturally Clean laundry liquids are excellent for hand washing: just soak, squeeze, hang on the line. Remember, hand washing keeps new clothes looking newer and while it takes a little time to soak it doesn't take your time!

Q: Is Naturally Clean suitable for cloth nappies?

A: Naturally Clean is easy to use on cloth nappies. If lightly soiled just soak, squeeze and hang on the line. If you detect an ammonia smell or if heavily soiled, soak in Snow washing powder and wash in the washing machine with either Naturally Clean laundry liquid or washing powder.

Q: What is Naturally Clean's energy efficiency and "Carbon Miles"?

A: Naturally Clean uses a low energy production and distribution system to minimise the carbon cost, as well as the cost of production, to give the customer the best possible price at the same time. Naturally Clean also incorporates a significant proportion of re-used packaging.

Q: Can I return the container for re-use?

A: I will take back and re-use all packaging, including other manufacturers! 100% of all bulk lines uses re-used containers!!!

Q: How do I wash my clothes with Naturally Clean?

A: For a white wash, soak in Snow washing powder and use Crystal laundry liquid as a rinse aid. For a black wash, use one of the Naturally Clean laundry liquids. For lycra, nylon, silk, sportswear and lingerie, hand wash with one of the Naturally Clean laundry liquids.

Q: How is Naturally Clean manufactured?

A: I develop and make the entire range in Albury, NSW and O'Connor, ACT from Australian inputs sourced as locally as possible.

Q: Is Naturally Clean suitable for grey water usage?

A: Yes, absolutely! Use untreated directly on veggies, natives and exotics. Great for travelling, camping and bush walking. Just pour the grey water on any thirsty tree safely in the knowledge you won't kill it!

Q: Can I use Naturally Clean with septic tanks?

A: Yes, Naturally Clean is septic safe. No smelly septics with Naturally Clean!

Q: How can I buy Naturally Clean?

A: Naturally Clean is available from retailers in Sydney, Canberra, North Coast NSW, South Coast NSW, Southern NSW, Melbourne, Hervey Bay and Tasmania. See the list of retailers or contact Naturally Clean with your location and I can advise on your nearest retailer. There is now our online shop for bulk sales!

Q: Where do the profits go?

A: Profits are used to help our small native endangered marsupials and ultimately to build an 'eco-farm' for native flora and fauna.

Q: Anything else?

A: Naturally Clean cleans out soap deposits from your washing machine especially by doing a few loads using Naturally Clean laundry liquids. Naturally Clean can also be used to clean blocked drains. Rinse Snow washing powder down into the S bend, pour in one of the Naturally Clean laundry liquids or Sparkle general cleaner, and while fizzing use a plunger or flush with water to clear the blockage!